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Skeleton walking

My childhood home resident Chang Kham … Chumphon Buri Surin silk beads beautiful beauty castle rich sweet rice, onion, lettuce and cultural beauty … I have the beautiful lotus pond. The abbot Phra Khru Sophon. Is respected by the people of the district and province that has it.

Meditation is a specialist black magic. Thinkers of occultism. The treatment of the disease to people. Help out with compassion for your suffering. The far famed reputation.

When the Bible said that the father of one of the caves in the province of Nan in the young.

It’s a testament of the skeleton!

One night while I was sitting practice of meditation in a cave. Magical power to make people see the human skeleton. Has a compassionate spirit that roams the haunting saga. Go pop in to the new incarnation Esiietid.

Suddenly the wind blew loud noise outside. I like it … it sounds infinitely Iwata severe cold with the wind is howling as the bleak darkness of night.

No sound from the body told. I put my right hand of God that buried the skeleton. To help people suffering with him! Father had been. Wailing and then fade away.

Phra Khru Sophon once told me that kith and kin. Eventually he discovered the true God by the Spirit told them. Later he studied and learned. Work carried out so far!

It is said that the inscription in the Bible is both good and bad. Due to black magic and occultism are. Such as the treatment of disease. The drug and the glamor Yaแฝd etc. But my choice, but what is the benefit to the public to use.

The treatment of the sick. It is fascinating to prescribe drugs. It allows you to withdraw withdrawal charm. Even people who are not alcoholics. Want to stop drinking it come to you as well.

Then I dragged my eyes Toei was when I was not drunk. Asked the father, “I ordained” eye Toei will give me a second year IAP. Make a living like the locals, he conquered.

The word “whiskey priest” means to swear an alcoholic to stop drinking for 1 year or 2-3 years depending on the mental.

If I’m going to be a while. That they could not handle it. Priests had to leave. Or to withdraw an oath on my own … Then I can do it, but wrote it.

If one aspect is ordained. Go back to drinking perjured would certainly fall under oath.

My eyes Toei name and date of birth for you. I then asked to be ordained a few years? Toei thin white hair, black eyes, wearing only a loincloth clad old sarong Sabeฉiyong it slip that … I’m going to stop eating it to death!

I immediately called my wife’s. Just one year is enough. Then gradually as well. Toei insisted until I look really dead. Until a loud argument with the wife …

I’m finally sworn 2 years!

I took my parents to say goodbye before returning home. I swear I did not hear it?

Then people will keep an eye out if I’m going to have a few days Toei. Soon to be running speedily enough. I swear to you because I’m retiring the next not.

Are expected to follow the same time for months. Toei did not touch liquor as ever eye. I’m more sad. Body. Hard to make a living as a surprise to many different people.

Over time, about 6-7 months, it is about raising up!

Twilight cattle are stable. Shrill voice was coming from the field behind the house. I ran out to see us, they hear the right ear … HELLO! Haunted … help!

Toei eyes that … I ran down the home side’s left eye area. The point is not pointing to the field behind isolated. Crying eye … Skull Robo! Skeleton thread … it would kill me!

I was choking on the blood suddenly bloody foul smelly stink. I have tears … I look at that Toei suffocated! Some people that I was dying of tuberculosis. But most people do not believe me. The stench of rotting corpses, because I look at all Toei! Miserable for you.