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toilet scraming

The only thing that I need to tell my housekeeper but he worked for. He also raising it. But he also says that many people. Whether it’s a lullaby. Daylight when alone in the room. When I came to college I had to take a bunch I know that the previous work. The work also will tell you that the day after it. Or whether it is due to the frequent (Friday the 13th) would tell me that the story is true, I was very afraid of ghosts.
Because of the history that I know that I will be the old hospital. I noticed that it’s basically down to a sauce like most troubling troubling my car into the bay well. That day I had to work a shift 14:00 to 22:00 am

I was not late, but the staff would return home exhausted. Abdominal pain is a common bathroom. I was at about 19:00 pm and went into the bathroom, where I saw my fellow employees and I went to see the behind. And I thought it was going to the bathroom with a friend. And he went into the final room. Which I had seen during his closed door.

I did.

Have not found anything. Leave a room empty room that I was in the next room. I finished my errands. The room was not open and there was no sound except the silence. And even then I have to run anyway. I remember that you can not use the bathroom for a long time.

And when I asked you to make sure that the room is available or not. It turns out that it is not. It is not a man to climb and be with me, but it turns out that the cleaning equipment.