Entries from December 17, 2012

Scary night

I was the one who believes that the ghost is actually a ghost wandering around. Or Sampewsi everywhere. Such as electrocardiogram. With both radio and TV. There is some risk. All images and some audio. But we have not seen and not heard. If we do not have a receiver.

To be afraid of ghosts and spiritualism. I’m sure there is something like the Holy Ghost the same fear!

Buddha and prestige of something we respect you anyway. To protect us … I just love it and the conscious. We believe that the bad things will be different. I was certainly not.

I’ve been faced with the most daunting about 6-7 years before this.

As of mid-December of that year. 1 Phaholyothin Soi Ari Samphan (Brahma Lane), Bangkok at about 17.00 pm I am concerned about the bottom lane for taxis. It is almost finished, you’ll have eight.

Dark winter fast. I would walk out to the car, it was thought that far. The shortcut is forgiven once the RAM or the olive to the street in front of the hospital is close to the crown fits. Up to 14 bus back to Bangkok.

Except that it was still cold … they are inspiring to know that it is wrong to call it.

A narrow passage. But both sides are overgrown bushy tree grove, but a small stand loomed high overhead. The wind was blowing at a flick of breathtaking synthesizer sounds. I feel cold and lonely … I do not need to be turned left and right almost all the time.

I do not see anyone walking past. Exis apart. But Libby was light. View bleak horror as I passed the final night. Whether women or men.

I thought it was more dangerous kinds of traps that may await us!

Where the junkie’s stealthy the hell do drugs again. The corner out of sight of people in this city that are normally abundant. Where will the homeless. I mingle with teenagers sniffing glue another Dodge.

These people are caned but I do not mind hearing it. To run away with stealing. Attacked and severely injured victims. Or gag raped and murdered at any time! I think it is awesome. The visualization itself tremble searchlights to me … I would say … Makin parish olive

Look up at the train and head to the buzzing sound I heard chants!

The glowing lights along the right side of the mouth, throat, dry wood facade over. แkegใh walk again. I do not fear anything. I see a group of young men and women sit together in a circle. The candle on the tin. And a plastic bag … I’ll See the whimsical I think that these children sniff glue until symptoms “dumbstruck” up.

White eyes turned to stare at me the same look. แkegใh while smiling at the sound of that … this is to measure the olive right?

No answer. The girl nodded silently. I mumbled thanks and quickly with long steps. Passed quickly … around. But the dim facility tracks a terrible desolation. I do not put pressure on the heart.

See it on the black canal runs forward. See it briefly stunned. Femur, tibia, it was almost quaking fell limply to the ground immediately.

There is … the hospital after the crown itself!

Everyone knows that the mortuary. Or the morgue behind the hospital too.

I drew a long breath. The eyes are looking ahead. I know it’s near the end of the olive … despite knowing that there is not a boy’s body was decomposed. But I was not afraid. I have to ask what it is.

Suddenly, a black canal bursts at the hospital after I was not dreaming!

This time, not only deflating thigh. But still trembling in the balance … almost like heart stop beating for a moment. Dazzle up the curtain down. I turned away to look around but the spell.

Dark figure loomed bolder look that stands staring pointedly at me compose your parents think of the Buddha as refuge. I spread the charity he set up to make him …

This is apparent gradually. Blur fade away … I went to my parish. Returned home safely … but vowed not to walk through there at night anymore! Miserable on …