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Ghost students

The bus went off a good loaf. Among the actively cars and beautiful people. General contractors are much pillion was not wearing a helmet, too. I would buy the alcohol’s Eleven trustees thunderous crash was fitted up any resistance.

Truck pushed the motorcycle of floating rate plummeted out. Before crashing down on the foot spa bath. Oh the whistling sound. People stood there stunned by the Ken ran into the rapture.

Where is the evidence? The bodies of two men แaggแmgg there. But then a man wearing a helmet, he got up and stood confused. As if nothing happened. Looked at the fallen body of a man bleeding profusely is centered on the helmet … finely ridged side faces. I forgot to draw the eye down. Indicate that a slip of the perished.

I was studying in a different city than it was in my dorm mates Klongchan the camaraderie that we have 3-4 people all attend the same. It is the room next door. To another.

I, Otto and Ken is a group of friends that evening, if I do not have to always be ready to sit and eat some of it now I think.

Oh! Not to gossip about friends and fun and comfortable Cinema Do not tell me!

Ken – is the star of the gossip. The story and liposuction. I do not know from where to recruit. Ekgaasg are all fun. The action comedy about a love story as well as the ghost of the week, it’s clear to me endlessly.

Where tongues. Exciting phrase to throw jokes funny calls the room has really boomed.

The word “sex” in the coming 2-3 years ago, I’ve been told that Ken is now the “nail” and when we saw it, it was answer Chetek’s “nail” comes from the word “stock” means. There are many gigs. Lot size as stock as you like it!

It’s a strange phrase “to tell the Venerable mind” that we have heard his voice fighter. Ken’s unnatural to you. “… The pastor”.
To you I will curse it to the game with you. But I must admit that I did not laugh.

I have a lot of jokes about Ken. But today’s story, raising it to my other graph. The pulpit and overindulgence. I have a good friend who is also my mouth full haunted me. Habakg head to be near naked as you like it.

During the festival, it’s already …

Saturday evening you say carrying a large pack of beer from a convenience store as you enter the room, I had the fried catfish with spicy and sour sauce with spicy fried pig’s head that I was finished with squid. Sweet mango pickle. Prawn crackers. Located on the ground floor with good climbers here.

Lacks the other Cane. I just now complaining about it. Suddenly, it was pushed back!

“I’ve yet to encounter extreme register but” it was a gasp. Since it’s not a “Oh! Oh my spine. I was not otherwise “.

Ken, you say you grab a beer and turn up the westbound Plaek. By indifferent owners. I took it before I got to open Pึm beer fridge to sit by it. Ken used to hand cut the foam at the mouth and sighed heavily.

“Have u ever seen. I was a child my eyes a little? Oh! Eyes to see it. The eyes of the law, but I have since moved … to the advent of angels here but I just saw this just now. ”

“Where the hell?” It seems that we are asked to improvise together.

“We Soi Home Art Gallery was not just” drink beer quickly before it goes on …

“… The story of the election. Elected “King Ken Adam saliva. “I really like that slip away. I swear I’m not. I already know? I stared into my eyes, that I forget to blink repeatedly accurately before one! Oh my … I ran straight through the body, it comes here! Ow … “.

“He would not have killed me,” I say, leave a comment. Ken is not the answer, they just knock on the door. I got to see but did not see anyone. The TARDIS is a knock sounded again. This time I got to open it, Ken. That’s it. That sound you hear? We turned sharply to see.

Ken draws the bulge facing tight down the bottom of the page Hgmebga hold your mouth open eyes … We got to see it trembling hand pointed forward. But it appears that no one was there alone.

Since then Ken, you have to go to the bedroom and I think this is the night. I curse myself that I did not listen to us as well. Not gibberish. It scared me to death … really!