Aitport ghost

By admin

In the first section  I will work for the last 7 hours. During a run. The eye could see that there was a long straight hair. Sitting behind a desk. I realized that many people. I turned to say. But found nothing.

The other two are on order before 2 pm the same day, the first stop. There are regular bus company (behind the seat. The second row) to get out of the area. I walk up to a woman is seen sitting in front of it. I wear company. I sat in the back. I went to the car. I see that the seat beckoned. Friends said he immediately went as soon as I got into the car and the backseat before I was told. I just know. That sit in front of it. I also told him to leave the car. I and another friend told me to get back is another altogether. Now, at the end of 4 people. Shouted the driver of that car.

Last Saturday past. I work with people from Cleary. In the afternoon I was talking about it. Till 4 pm. Told the court he turned to see a woman with long hair. I sat in a chair near the poles. I turned to my friend. I was told there was not. My friend told me I’ve long. Well ….. I had a friend that was leaning against a pillar. But that’s only half the 2 pm 4 pm today so I’m off.

I was the last one off it went to the park, it’s old and it’s doubtful that anyone would face. I think there may be others too. Be the first to tell your friends. I do not see it. We realized that ผiam play. I just need someone to see me. Except that when I was the last person to say it’s not. We the people did not believe it until I see it is true. Asked the driver if no one really. He’s the only one I can not answer why we went to the bus to go home. The manager also told me that he was just some merit to that, he told me that I had not seen it