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I find it is very impressive. Today we still do not talk about it. It proves that there is a real spirit. And I have another story to tell. As I told him I read in a book.

“Anime” raising experience when Spirits Revisited * I like to read books about spirituality. And various mystery may be because in real life, I find that this is a routine matter.

One day I was writing a book. A bit difficult to read. And the lyrics are perpetuated. But it did not discourage me. Because it is the American spirit he repeated.

I was glad to read it. I have found that I was quite skeptical about ghost spirit … and experience. His strikingly similar to our time. This is not true, however, that a ghost?
Billy said. After the funeral of her mother, she was back at home with his mother, exhausted by fatigue. That is not me. Because her mother is here. I had a baby in one month.

On arrival at home mom. Billy put the baby in the chair. It is a small chair. That looks out over the seat. But strong. End safe and can be placed on the same line with a safety strap. She’s leaning down on the sofa. I put my head down on a pillow. Billy saw the glow of the light, the door is free bright white light and then … and then formed her!

I figure it is clear that some see-through. Bright and glowing light.

Billy’s mother, wearing a white coat is very shiny and beautiful mother, Billy has seen this before …

You walk straight into the cot. It is not attached to the floor. It floats six inches above the feet. Then he looks down at his nephew. Child while putting his hand on his chin and said, “I love kids”.

Stroke on the little kids. He looked up and smiled at her before breaking away.

I told my story first.

As I already said that. I tend to have these very often and tell your friends that Six Senses Health. Or the sixth sense almost be seen as a ghost anyway. But not even then. It was lucky … I’m not buying bare heads and wear wigs.

The coolest place over 30 years ago when I was only 12 years old!

I slept with my sister in our bedroom. Were in separate beds. Table between them. Sister sleeping in the room against the wall.

One night about two. I just woke up. Which seems very strange. Because children tend to sleep, then downed the morning. But that night, and I feel that someone is coming. Normal sleep is unlit fire. I open my eyes in the dark. The door was opened … it was not even open. We locked Dibdi? That’s … not to forget …

One came. I immediately opened fire on the bed. The sisters do not sleep.

Who is “Uncle flour” of my own that I love her a lot. At the time she was 24 years old, is the youngest of my mother, and very likely starch master’s degree. I have a company car salary recognizable luxury brands Jaguar. Brown is shiny. I look back to where I was.

I was relieved to see that it is worth the dough. I wonder why that mirror came late at night like this?

It appears that she came to my bed and sat down beside the bed. I also feel the weight buckled down. Her face is not pretty … but it looks like a mask! It was dry. Bleaching powder also weird … what the touching finger to my mouth, I was quite calm as she said softly, “I will go. I told her that I was fine. No pain, no suffering. Everything is fine “.

She had just stood up and walked out. I looked up the follows. Noticed that her feet on the ground … it’s not like she was floating in mid-air.

Only thing I scuttled to the mother’s mother told me that I was dreaming … but I know that when a car overturned flour. Died when hit one over the other.

The story is a woman from Florida named Billy. I like my name. But is spelled differently spelled B – I – Double L – a – e. Not spelled with a y.

Her mother died at the age of 52 years of cancer!

It is just this kind of activity. But I read it and I was delighted with the spirit of walking the earth like we do not see it?