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Time to die

Other friends. I love all the family. Some people might not know that … good one. Virgin no concern here. I had to go with it as well!

Shall we go with a tour company with two other people, including 30 full bus out of Bangkok. At seven o’clock high.

I think it went very smoothly joy. It is sad news for Utica Fire Santa Pub. Nearly 70 people burned to death and injury of many toxic fire. Due to roam New Year by young enthusiastic manner … then we lucky that I do not become a victim to the fire. I do not think we could go over to celebrate the New Year, it was not.

The hang of the tour go smoothly. Fun and excitement. Beauty with spectacular landscapes of the north … until return.

Scary Stories to occur. After we ate lunch at the bus bunk Uttaradit then headed to Bangkok. Most elderly people would nap until it’s time to visit the toilet at a gas station about two hours.

Inform my eyelids felt heavy as well … before you jump frightened with a scathing!

Loud explosions. Car was tossed around by a giant hand. It feels like the whole world was falling apart. Was shattered to pieces. Body bounce bounce off the smack and mingled with the tears that were swept away.

When you feel up to it again … This time I will stop my heart. Although it does not hurt that it was even a little bit!

Our tour bus flip side, almost across the street. The cars behind a long row. Pickup hit cars at the end, we became a carcass on the side of the steel. Police and rescue teams are actively go out … to bad, it is the Board’s lie motionless. Lined almost ten. The rest were beheaded. Blood soak a …

There are only 2-3 people minor injuries. Enter a first hand held head. Some hold to the neck. Phnom hand as if to bear in mind that you are protecting the glory survived.

This gruesome end. It is a sprawling lie with Jang. Body like a rag doll crushed demolished was torn … I was watching the surprise came from above me!

Think of it as you like it … if you see your own body will feel noticeably?

Two years ago. I met a strange event. The gruesome acts of thanks to the admirable and celebrated some of you … well. The suspicious to everything. Asks the reader to consider them.

I explained my colleagues were invited to tour the region. According to one fashion. The marchers hope to have a cold “Mei’s leg” or “I doubt it” frost such as Doi Inthanon, Doi Ang Khang, I had never been to before. Even though the age of three numbers.

Suddenly, as if a huge gravitational pull me to briefly flashing again. This time I came up with the pain for life. Sha groan. I tried unsuccessfully to push a broken leg. She turned to parse was found lying motionless. I opened my eyes and hold it down …

“… Because my true glory. That protection. No casualties or serious injuries as well as other canon … “.

I was carried up tearfully pain … pain is not to be confused between the knockout. I do not believe that man will survive, I survive. The News at his neck!

If you are a Buddhist saint who actually full glory. Only a believer would not help alone. But you would be compassionate. Help others. Escape the fate, of course!

Rescue workers quickly come to the rescue. Comfort and support to overwhelmed … as the others. Together they carried the wounded by ambulance … heard one man lamented that.