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Telephone Ghost

At work, we often go for a drink before returning home to eat. Invite a friend to pass me. Driven to their destinations. We not only have to be in the same company. I have friends who are also very convenient. Both women and men. It’s time to pay the same share. No problem.

If there is a problem with my phone while driving, I like to spread it!

To admit that she did not call. Went to one before. I had to call on a regular basis. The meeting point for all my friends call it. Was discussing some. Most often it is ridiculous and long talk time. I sat with her makes me a little sick.

To look optimistic as cars jam in Bangkok, in particular the region. I do not have to drive Pro๊dpr๊ad. But I warn you not to have a phone in the car. If necessary, they could not talk long … dangerous!

“Oh! Nat I just … “I spread my teeth look bright indeed” talk to my little one. ”

She called me on the lips. She turned with I’m lost … If the accident was not a spur of the phone. But I have to say from my own mouth, she protests.

It is very scary. Occurred three years ago. I repeated it.

“My Winnipeg,” a colleague at the same time she was around 24-25 years Asoke shapely and beautiful singles. Cheerful cute. But it’s so fun to talk about. Diverting Parents in a wealthy country. Buy a car for his daughter from her job. Wrong with it. Mainly to finance your car. Rely on taxis or buses such as my own.

Back about 3-4 o’clock she drove a friend named Stan Urupong. Send me the department. I drove back to the apartment across the track … Krung Thon Bridge is approximately 2-3 times a week when he does not have phones to attack it.

I have recently had the car straight comeback. Do not phone when driving is very dangerous! I turned to my doubters will be sweet as ever … Oh! Nat … I was talking to a friend of both men’s and women’s Nat … Now I do not gossip ran into the room, then talk to! But sometimes she would laugh and ignore the girls. I have vehement as an ultimatum to stop now. I will continue to own a taxi!

Moreover, I know that my RA with friends.

At one time I was told to park, but I do not spread. I was light enough to cast CS off the Greenbelt to spread it … I quickly ran to the car park to get my hands I’m weak. Back to the car.

Not a moment there was a loud phones. I picked up the phone. I did not hear anyone say anything to me … and the eerie silence at the other. Extreme horror. Local retinal blur. Ears that hear to hear the whine of the mix up … I nat my leg bye!

I swallowed before buzzing sound Tremble … before me, La Prairie …

One night, I pass the accident died on the spot. Since phoning while driving. While the birthday of the high school friends. Bang a restaurant close to the bed and … calling the signals. Is not evidence.

Moreover, it is sad. The call. Talked to me enough Pratt is Stan!

I can not stand the night in prayer and burial. She lamented that it was authentic. To my friends. The call. Decided to pass it back to her room … cause your death! But I do not blame Stan. Also, instead of talking to a good friend, it’s terrifying sound … bang! Ringing in the ears, prolonged.

The fire spread my younger days. The horror stories when I return home. I felt frightened and lonely and I do not … No I to pass up! I had the phone rang.

Press to hear that Stan excitedly. I call spread. Come. Suggested that we talk with me! Stan said it was tears. Repeated but nervous to eat it. I do not think that is a consolation. Best way to get off the phone to my problem.

DEAD walking

She was the eldest child. I get this one. My other two are real men. But hurry … I do not like to be like her excellence in university government. But her father said that at this outstanding business. To send their children to study the subject.

But it is the love of friends and teachers. I love all the vendors. But then on the last midterm year. I was sick … not physical illness. However, a severe mental illness?

She started crying eye every hour on the course. At first, no one knows what it is to revive. She was sobbing now … I did not want to leave my university back home … she says at 5-6 pm, the sun is a very sad time for her.

We’re category. Everyone is worried. I talk way to help solve the problem, but it’s too late … we know that she attempted suicide. Her brother’s neck, but it can help. She soon cut a bullet wound wrist. She is now in hospital.

One morning I could see the shock announcement on board … I invite to my funeral.

The board said it was an accident. But the real story is. Window shutters banging her hospital wrist slitting his throat cut and the poor.

I really like that sensitive as I was already very smooth, but I have no other gossip bizarrely sad that I have to the poor. Father exhorted the soldiers scolded like children very much. Higher education. Children need to learn it. Points is excellent. Oh, that I had done from the beginning … she was the one to come. If it is the second one I got hit soften it.

But it was not until she came to the university 24 hours ago!

There are many people who like to be her. I enjoy that we mistakenly.

But that evening. The outcry janitor aged around 50 out of the library so demoralized appearance. Children play near the seven days that I panicked as well.

I was told that when you close the library. I went exploring. See young female student sitting alone. I think I’ll go back home I turned on the child lock features. I do not see it … but I grew up on a girl student gradually enlarged until I realized that it was haunted.

We went to the library I often I come across a lot. Both broad daylight. And went to the library to pack.

Some people will find her sitting on the floor. Reading is hindered by the various niches.

Sometimes shirk his back seat alone. Along with the other people.

That spirit lingers on in college. Yet, as she is still alive!

Tell me how I was intimidated when I walk around like I went forward. But I was shocked that we are in a row … it was her turn to smile as I ran in panic.

The worst occurred last completed.

That many of us will go to detention because I almost threw up. Evening school students. The lonely atmosphere. I do not even have one … I think I even forgot it.

We say then that I was lost in the darkness. I believe that ghosts are real. But I was happy. And would love to haunt her in college a long time!
But then I Sam. Assuming your friend over to look at the library on the 5th floor and there was a shock … and remain so. We can make jewelry according to my eyes … it looked like we were almost 10 people there, as there choreographed to.

I just stand in front of the library. Despite the dark we remember her. White teeth smile. Students dressed. No offense looked like alive. She was smiling and waving at us cheerfully bright.

Sam’s voice trembled as he asked … see it?

Shadow in the wall


My friend Liverpool Tim was a small man, wiry and tough, but soft-spoken. Tim had one glass eye that was an ugly shade of blue which clashed something terrible with his real eye, which was brown. Then one day Jarge met up with a glassblower, a real artist, who make him a special red eye with a star. After that he started collecting glass eyes. They were the fanciest things you ever did see, with stars and pretty stripes and more colors than any real eyes could ever have.

I went with Tim when he placed his next order. By that time, he had so many glass eyes that he was hard to please. So I kidded Tim that he should get an evil eye. Right away the glassblower said he could make a glass eye that was hollow so it could be filled with deadly poison. Tim was as pleased as punch, sayin’ that a man never knew when he might get to the place where he’d want to commit suicide, and what could be easier than to pop the eye into his mouth and bite down?
Well, me and Tim signed onto the same ship, and Tims new eye was delivered the day before we set sail. What a creepy eye it was, too—the perfect evil eye. It was made up of rings of color that narrowed into a single red spot. If you looked at it just right, the colors ran together and the red spot popped out and would scare the life outta you. It was hollow, too, like the man promised, and filled with a white liquid.
Tim tried that evil eye on everyone on board ship—includin’ me. Scared the bejesus outta me, and I’d already seen the blasted thing.  ’Course, all of us told him to lay off or we’d brain him. All of us ’cept a little Cockney feller name of Bell.
Everyone called Bell “Ding Dong” on account of his name. Bell nearly shriveled up with fright each time Jarge appeared with the glass eye. Tim was tickled to death by Ding Dong Bell’s reaction and took to plaguing the life outta him, putting the “evil eye” on him whenever he passed until Ding Dong truly thought he was bewitched.

So the other men told Ding Dong Bell that he had to steal the evil eye. ’Course, Jarge overheard them and he kept the eye hidden from Ding Dong.  Turned out that the harder the eye was to steal, the more Ding Dong believed that stealing it was the only way to lift his “curse”. Finally, Tim started wearing the evil eye all the time—to protect it, he claimed, though in truth it was to torment Ding Dong.

One day while we was docked in Port Said, JTim went aloft on a footrope to scrape a spar. Well, something musta fetched loose, ’cause suddenly I heard a yell, and when I turned around, Tim was plummeting forty feet headfirst onto the deck. Cracked his skull open like an eggshell and his evil eye came rolling out.

This was Ding Dong Bell’s chance.  He darted out from a corner and grabbed up the eye. When he saw the mate running toward us, he popped the eye into his mouth to hide it from the mate. In less than a minute, ol’ Ding Dong Bell started shivering and fell dead on the deck, right beside poor Jarge.  He’d accidentally bit into the eye and swallowed the poison hidden inside.

What with Jarge and Ding Dong both being dead, I figured maybe there was something in that evil eye business after all, and I was real glad it was gone.