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Debt of ghosts

ตำนานผีI had trouble in the past when a teenager ten years ago remains. Or to narrow it is the rockers. Students – what about the gangster thing. I like the beat of a different color Chariots. Until the injury is regularly varying.

What it lacked was a new one. It has both a sword and gun Sparta actually had a pen gun.

Evening classes, be careful not to hit “All Night Long” are back together as a group. The bus was padlocked. If I screw up the crowd antagonists may be responsible for a simple salad.

I know that each partner. Perhaps the attack at a bus stop. Villagers flee scattering. I sometimes play two at a time on buses. What other innocent people will be involved in I crossfire varying the Nemesis is shot to death with it. I seriously wounded. News in the fall. ETO on TV frequently. Up to now.

I have a friend whose name I’m sure. Because we love each other like services. Beginning with the time it was 7-8 years ago.

‘m A skinny little bastard China will not embarrass the surface of the heart, not exceeding 5 per one stream dedicated to my life. I ended up having to go to the hospital for several days. But it is a serious opponent to 2-3 people.

What is the line we’ll hit it one day on the street nearby. The bus stop is disorienting.

A group of teenagers find their way to the surface, it’s nothing unusual. But I noticed one chance to reach around the back neck intuitively sensing shouted Oi! Oh look …

Long drawn out the sword quickly. I’m singing while moving to run the kind of death is dead!

The sword broke because I have to run. I saw him. I drew out two burning immediately. I pushed the pace a friend immediately thrown to the wayside.

Gunfire mingled with the sound. Followed by a smack. I’m up. Teens are turning to run from Soi. I quickly grabbed it and ran by friends. The controversy around the ears with cries of women.

It appears that a young man from drowning in his own blood. I writhe and groan in pain … extreme red light blue shirt. Soaked with fresh blood.

Good Samaritan speedily help. I pull your hands defies fled. I have not run into a cop that my party was the sniper … because I’m grateful for. This is inconceivable.

“If I can not push the interviewee to me! If a woman is to be arrested as well … I owe u my life “.

I do not think that any more cuts as “I like it I do not like”.

I’m really torn about two weeks later and was killed by enemy trap. Both a knife and a gun crowd salad to death on the streets of Soi home evening. Later learned to trap Wacoal carry out night for several days. But there will also be no night life to sacrifice as well.

I have a serious casualties media fanfare even as the police are here to keep my silence … I love my body. I cry when I see sad eyes. We looked in front of the coffin. It’s like background noise.

“Forgive them. I still owe me … “.

But I would ask forgiveness of one another. Let your spirits to get to like it. I’m reminded of the Lord … almost every day. That would be a dream to some, but I never dreamed even once.

Until that night … I was dozing just background noise coming from the front is called a semi-dream, half reality. I got to the window, they saw no one. The dense trees in the light. Go back to sleep … but soon heard the call again. This time around the ears.

I got to see it. I’m floating the eyes see thee. View as regular as it used to be. I heard a voice as clear as … I owe my life!

Face it, the vast majority. Become a dark iris. I think the answer to that myself too … so be it! I felt it was plunged into a deep sleep to fall into the bottomless pit of hell.

I wake up, I wake up. I wracked my entire body. Dry mouth, throat, a high fever due to the scorching heat. Mary had to take a drug. To rest until the fever is gone … I sleep about 2 days and I can see the face of the bit. Fever greater than before.

Enough relief that I was lucky I had a fever. The day before they strike again. At school, I was hit by severe if 2-3 people may be ill or sick at home.

I’m reminded of the debt he bumps … I really live for? Since then, I never dreamed that I’m seeing.