Telephone Ghost

By admin

At work, we often go for a drink before returning home to eat. Invite a friend to pass me. Driven to their destinations. We not only have to be in the same company. I have friends who are also very convenient. Both women and men. It’s time to pay the same share. No problem.

If there is a problem with my phone while driving, I like to spread it!

To admit that she did not call. Went to one before. I had to call on a regular basis. The meeting point for all my friends call it. Was discussing some. Most often it is ridiculous and long talk time. I sat with her makes me a little sick.

To look optimistic as cars jam in Bangkok, in particular the region. I do not have to drive Pro๊dpr๊ad. But I warn you not to have a phone in the car. If necessary, they could not talk long … dangerous!

“Oh! Nat I just … “I spread my teeth look bright indeed” talk to my little one. ”

She called me on the lips. She turned with I’m lost … If the accident was not a spur of the phone. But I have to say from my own mouth, she protests.

It is very scary. Occurred three years ago. I repeated it.

“My Winnipeg,” a colleague at the same time she was around 24-25 years Asoke shapely and beautiful singles. Cheerful cute. But it’s so fun to talk about. Diverting Parents in a wealthy country. Buy a car for his daughter from her job. Wrong with it. Mainly to finance your car. Rely on taxis or buses such as my own.

Back about 3-4 o’clock she drove a friend named Stan Urupong. Send me the department. I drove back to the apartment across the track … Krung Thon Bridge is approximately 2-3 times a week when he does not have phones to attack it.

I have recently had the car straight comeback. Do not phone when driving is very dangerous! I turned to my doubters will be sweet as ever … Oh! Nat … I was talking to a friend of both men’s and women’s Nat … Now I do not gossip ran into the room, then talk to! But sometimes she would laugh and ignore the girls. I have vehement as an ultimatum to stop now. I will continue to own a taxi!

Moreover, I know that my RA with friends.

At one time I was told to park, but I do not spread. I was light enough to cast CS off the Greenbelt to spread it … I quickly ran to the car park to get my hands I’m weak. Back to the car.

Not a moment there was a loud phones. I picked up the phone. I did not hear anyone say anything to me … and the eerie silence at the other. Extreme horror. Local retinal blur. Ears that hear to hear the whine of the mix up … I nat my leg bye!

I swallowed before buzzing sound Tremble … before me, La Prairie …

One night, I pass the accident died on the spot. Since phoning while driving. While the birthday of the high school friends. Bang a restaurant close to the bed and … calling the signals. Is not evidence.

Moreover, it is sad. The call. Talked to me enough Pratt is Stan!

I can not stand the night in prayer and burial. She lamented that it was authentic. To my friends. The call. Decided to pass it back to her room … cause your death! But I do not blame Stan. Also, instead of talking to a good friend, it’s terrifying sound … bang! Ringing in the ears, prolonged.

The fire spread my younger days. The horror stories when I return home. I felt frightened and lonely and I do not … No I to pass up! I had the phone rang.

Press to hear that Stan excitedly. I call spread. Come. Suggested that we talk with me! Stan said it was tears. Repeated but nervous to eat it. I do not think that is a consolation. Best way to get off the phone to my problem.